Vulnerability Scanning Policy

Next Health Choice is proactive about information security and understands that vulnerabilities need to be monitored on an ongoing basis. Next Health Choice utilizes Tinfoil Security from Tinfoil to consistently scan, identify, and address vulnerabilities on our systems. We monitor systems status via Aptible's status pages. We use Snort for penetration testing.

Applicable Standards from the HITRUST Common Security Framework

  • 10.m - Control of Technical Vulnerabilities

Applicable Standards from the HIPAA Security Rule

  • 164.308(a)(8) - Evaluation

Vulnerability Scanning Policy

  • Nessus management is performed by the Next Health Choice Security Officer.
  • Nessus is used to monitor all internal IP addresses (servers, VMs, etc) on Next Health Choice networks.
  • Frequency of scanning is as follows:
    1. on a weekly basis;
    2. after every production deployment.
  • Reviewing Nessus reports and findings, as well as any further investigation into discovered vulnerabilities, are the responsibility of the Next Health Choice Security Officer.
  • In the case of new vulnerabilities, the following steps are taken:
    • All new vulnerabilities are verified manually to assure they are repeatable. Those not found to be repeatable are manually tested after the next vulnerability scan, regardless of if the specific vulnerability is discovered again.
    • Vulnerabilities that are repeatable manually are documented and reviewed by the Security Officer to see if they are part of the current risk assessment performed by Next Health Choice.
      • Those that are a part of the current risk assessment are checked for mitigations.
      • Those that are not part of the current risk assessment trigger a new risk assessment, and this process is outlined in detail in the Next Health Choice Risk Assessment Policy.
  • All vulnerability scanning reports are retained for 6 years by Next Health Choice.
  • Penetration testing is performed regularly as part of the Next Health Choice vulnerability management policy.
    • External penetration testing is performed bi-annually by a third party.
    • Internal penetration testing is performed quarterly.
    • Gaps and vulnerabilities identified during penetration testing are reviewed, with plans for correction and/or mitigation, by the Next Health Choice Security Officer.
    • Penetration tests results are retained for 6 years by Next Health Choice.
  • This vulnerability policy is reviewed on a quarterly basis by the Security Officer.

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