Project Specialist

Are you technology savvy? Comfortable using a computer and can type quickly? Can you tab between windows, use multiple monitors, find answers to any problem using Google, and always figure out how to navigate websites to find information?

We are an organization automating a specific niche of the medical industry (Pre-Authorizations), and we need your help. No medical experience necessary, however you must be competent with computers, have an intellectual curiosity that makes you explore, and a desire to continuously learn. You will quickly become very knowledgeable of the health insurance industry.

Key qualities:

Computer proficiency:

  • We are digital so most of our work is computer-based
  • Navigate between multiple monitors, windows, and browser tabs quickly
  • Locate websites to find needed information
  • Know keyboard shortcuts
  • Figures out technology problems, like “converting a .doc to .pdf”
  • Remember multiple, secure passwords

Customer service

  • Communicate with clients easily over the phone and by email
  • Act with patience and compassion for clients
  • Ability to listen, take notes, disseminate information in clear, meaningful manner

General qualities

  • Organized
  • Can prioritize tasks (comfortable pausing one task to move to a more important task, can leave things unfinished to come back to later)
  • Comfortable working in a small office setting - We are a startup and we’re building our culture as we move forward
  • Comfortable asking questions, for help, or admitting when you’ve made a mistake
  • Understands privacy is extremely important - we’re dealing with medical information, which is federally protected under HIPAA. So this means we are very protective of people’s information.
  • Punctual
  • Our lovable office dog (Phoenix) will gladly welcome you every day!

No medical experience necessary, we will train the right person. As an employee, you must be flexible with responsibilities as they will change as the company grows. This is a great entry level position for someone interested in health care administration.


Our software offers health insurance coverage verification and pre-authorization to our clients. Many aspects of the process have been automated with our software, allowing our team to focus on the parts of the workflow that still require a human touch. These responsibilities include:

  • Contacting insurance companies
  • Collecting medical policies and clinical guidance criteria
  • Reviewing medical policies
  • Documenting best practices
  • Improving the workflow for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Communicating with clients

For more information, please submit your Cover Letter and Resume to Please put the following in the Subject line: NHCPS2018. Failure to do so means our system will ignore your email.

More patient time, less office work

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Next Health Choice is HIPAA and HITECH compliant. Our policies are available online for you to review.