Julia Kuzel

Next Health Choice is Now Live

Our service streamlines the pre-authorization process for diagnostic imaging exams, meaning administrative staff can spend less time with insurance companies and more time focusing on the patient.

What issue is Next Health Choice looking to solve?

For physicians and their staff, the pre-authorization process for medical imaging can be time consuming mainly because the current system is broken down by insurance company. Pre-authorizations must be submitted through various different portals or phone lines. Time spent submitting pre-authorizations does not have a direct monetary return. The pre-authorizations simply allow the patient to continue their care.

Thus, care is delayed when your staff must find time between their numerous other duties to submit their request. When the initial request is denied, the patient’s appointment may need to be rescheduled while waiting for approval.

How does Next Health Choice solve this issue?

Next Health Choice offers a personalized online dashboard to request and view the authorization status for all your patients, regardless of their insurance carrier. Users simply enter all the information into one form, and Next Health Choice handles the rest. Our request form prompts you to enter only the most important information to get pre-authorization approved at the first step.

What else does Next Health Choice offer?

When you choose Next Health Choice to manage your pre-authorization requests, you also receive concierge scheduling for the procedures. Next Health Choice coordinates the exam for the patient, removing stress and uncertainty.

Our service is currently in the Beta Testing stage and is free during this stage. If you are interested in learning more please visit or contact us at info@nexthealthchoice.com or (312) 614-1268 with any questions or to request a demonstration of our service.

More patient time, less office work

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Next Health Choice is HIPAA and HITECH compliant. Our policies are available online for you to review.