Bri Wanlass

How to Stay On Top of Medical Literature in Your Field

Medical literature is always growing, providing insight of new or modified techniques and treatments that healthcare professionals can benefit from. However, staying up to date is a challenge between finding the time to consume the literature to accessing the literature itself.

The following are four main tips to keep you up to date:

  1. Apps - Utilize applications designed specifically for your medical field. A simple search online of your specialty and apps will yield a list of possible candidates, which you can narrow down by reading users reviews.

  2. Online Journals - Bookmark your favorite journals on your computer so you can easily access articles published by the journal.

  3. Newsletters - Many larger journals have weekly or monthly newsletters that you can sign up for. This is the easiest option, since medical literature is delivered directly to your inbox.

  4. Share with Colleagues - Stay motivated by recommending your favorite medical apps and sharing articles with your colleagues and friends. This will facilitate meaningful discussions and keep you engaged with new medical literature.

Access to specific journals may also require a membership fee or login with an affiliated institution. Depending on how often you intend to access this literature, an annual membership may be more cost effective than paying per article.

Routine is key. Try carving out an hour each morning, night or during your commute and open up that new medical app or newsletter now.

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