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Epilepsy & Neuroimaging

Have you heard of epilepsy but you've never been quite sure what it was and who it affects?

Knee and Shoulder Risk Factors for Pain & Injuries

Learn about what risk factors apply to you and if you can reduce the likelihood of knee or shoulder injuries.

Why You Should Offer Some Concierge Services

Your practice does not have to follow a full concierge model but adding a few concierge features can add an extra level of patient care.

The Pre-authorization Headache

What is pre-authorization and why is it such a lengthy process?

Sports Injuries in Youths

Promote fun and safe participation in sports for your children.

Prescription Drug Coverage with Marketplace Plans

Prescription drug coverage is a requirment for all Marketplace plans and the details may influence the plan you choose.

What You Need to Know About Health Insurance Tax Penalties and Credits

Considering not signing up for health insurance for 2016? What you need to know about tax penalties.

The Catastrophic Health Insurance Plan

Are you young, healthy and never see a doctor? Maybe a catastrophic health plan is for you.

Tips for Shopping for Insurance Plans on the Marketplace If You Have a Chronic Illness

Health insurance has a different purpose when trying to manage the costs of a chronic illness.

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