Guideline to understanding policy workflow.

Friday's Joke -- Or -- A Commentary on Healthcare Costs*

A dead duck reveals issues with trust and transparency in the doctor's office.

Mitigate Financial Risk: Sleep Study Case

Tedious procedure codes leading to denials? You are not always powerless.

Case Study: The administrative burden continues to rise

Office administrators forced to be jacks-of-all-trade. Here's how to help.

Public Service Announcement: Medicare DME Pre-Authorizations - you ready?

Extra steps to be wary of now that some DME requires pre-authorization.

Case Study: In an era of immediate information, delays cause patient frustration

Patients want answers before the bill surprises them. See how to get through the insurance miriad.

Case Study: What happens when patients get the unexpected expediency.

Patients will show appreciation for seemless interactions. Read to find out how Next Health Choice helped.

Case Study: STAT v. standard - when the ball gets dropped, who's time is wasted?

The patient arrives on time for a scheduled appointment, but pre-authorization hasn't been done. Find out what happens next.

Case Study: Doctors don’t always remember what’s best.

Patient wants remedy, doctor might forget something

Case Study: Patient wants straightforward care, doctor fails to deliver!

Patient needs MRI, Doctor's staff is too busy to get pre-auth, much aggrevation was had

How to Stay On Top of Medical Literature in Your Field

Struggling to find the time to read medical literature? Here are some tips to help you.

More patient time, less office work

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