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Next Health Choice’s mission is to streamline the processes required by insurance companies for eligibility, benefits, and pre-authorizations. We aim to be the best service provider for pre-authorizations. Through automation and streamlined workflows, we want to provide a scalable solution that lets our clients grow. Our goal is to integrate to your workflow so that payer interaction is less burdensome.

Optimizing Pre-Authorization

Why Next Health Choice

The workload that insurance companies place on you costs your business a considerable amount each year. Nurses, MAs, front desk administrators, surgical coordinators, billing staff, and even doctors can get caught up and waste countless, uncompensated hours. Our system allows you to refocus on your patients, not insurance bureaucracy!

Our cloud-based application requires no download/installation, allows you to verify verify benefits & eligibility for all payers, including carve-outs and labor funds!

Service costs are directly tied to your usage volume. There is no limit for volume, and no additional user license fees. Access our portal from any computer in your office.

When verifying coverage, we go beyond simply reviewing if the patient has active insurance and if they have met their deductible. Next Health Choice reviews medical policies for coverage and to help your staff identify what must be included to meet medical necessity, including the correct ICD-10 code.

Our pre-authorization service handles pre-authorizations for any procedure, including imaging, surgery, DME, physical therapy, and pain management. We work to prevent delays in care by predicting when a case may require peer-to-peer review. Before submitting pre-authorizations to a payer, we review the notes and clinical guidance to flag any potential causes for denial. We work with your staff to fill in missing data or clarify vague clinical notes, ensuring the key information is available to the payer.

The Next Health Choice system's algorithms continuously learn and improve their focus of every potential cause of claim denial before a patient comes in for any procedure. Clients see claims paid without delay, preventing denials, and protecting patients from expensive medical bills.

JP Bader

JP Bader


JP Bader earned an MS from the University of Chicago and two (2) BS from Indiana University (Piano Performance and Operations Management). Right out of university, JP worked for one of the greatest EMR solutions developers in the world, Epic Systems, where he cut his teeth installing billing management software around the USA. Armed with experiences in Healthcare, JP spent the next 10 years building custom applications for small, medium, and enterprise-sized clients. With an extensive background in insurance, JP has decades of technological, financial, medical, and operational experience. In his spare time, he helps raise his children, plays with his dogs, and is learning the accordion for his garage band.

Julia Kuzel attended Illinois Institute of Technology and received her BA in Political Science and Biology. Earning this degree she spent extensive time studying science, technology and medicine from a sociology perspective. Julia spent over 3 years volunteering at Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago where she experienced first hand the importance of HIPAA and patient privacy. Julia enjoys working at Next Health Choice because “she is happy to help remove some of the burden of interacting with health insurance companies so that clinics can spend more time on the patient”. In her free time she enjoys going to concerts.

Julia Kuzel

Julia Kuzel

Project Associate

Jim Collinsworth

Jim Collinsworth

Lead Developer

Jim Collinsworth has over 30 years of software development, business analysis and data management experience. His many projects include systems in healthcare, education, government, finance, retail and transportation industries. Jim has a BA in Computer Science from Indiana University, which provided a solid theoretical knowledge in AI, databases and more. He worked at Arthur Andersen on large scale technology deployment, regulatory knowledge management and risk analysis systems. More recently at Breakthrough Technologies Jim worked on a number of HIPAA compliant systems for clinical use and mobile applications for healthcare education. Jim has been a lifelong student of science and music, so in his spare time will be reading books or playing music.

Next Health Choice serves the doctors, practices, and organizations that spend countless hours dealing with insurance companies. We are eliminating the frustration and labor of benefits and eligibility checking, as well as pre-authorizations. Our platform enables scalability so you can grow your practice without growing your costs. Next Health Choice enables you to get back to helping your patient without waiting for burdensome bureaucracies to be handled.

We maintain a personal relationship with every clinic who partners with us. We believe in fairness and transparency. We work directly with payers to provide you a seamless workflow.

Whether you’re an ordering provider/nurse/MA/surgical coordinator/office administrator, or someone in a billing office trying to prevent claim's denials, please don’t hesitate to contact Next Health Choice. We would love to hear from you.

More patient time, less office work

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Next Health Choice is HIPAA and HITECH compliant. Our policies are available online for you to review.